The Diabetes Guide for London launched in March 2009 set out the case for change, a model of care, commissioning guidelines and priorities to improve outcomes for people with diabetes across the capital.

Since then PCTs in London have been implementing local variations of the model of care. In order to aid more rapid implementation, the pan-London long term conditions board identified three key areas to support commissioners:

  • Economic¬† modelling
  • Care planning and structured self management and
  • The development of pan-London quality indicators

The board that governed the diabetes programme was disbanded in November 2010 and the economic modelling and pan-London quality indicators projects were terminated. Outputs exist for these projects; however these were not signed off or published:

  • An invitation to quote (ITQ) for the procurement of a tool that supports commissioners to model the implications of implementing different aspects of the diabetes pathway against value for money and impact on health outcomes given a particular population demographic
  • A proposed set of diabetes outcome indicators (taken from The Diabetes Guide for London) and presented in a graphical pan-London report